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Thrasher presents how to build skateboard ramps, halfpipes, boxes, bowls and more.

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No10133 Used Book How To Build Skateboard Ramps By Thrasher. Thrasher presents how to build skateboard ramps, halfpipes, boxes, bowls and more. Stop skate harassment – build your own ramp! For nearly 20 years, Thrasher has been publishing and updating crucial ramp-building manuals used the world over by skaters who have taken the terrain in to their own hands and their own backyards. This year’s edition has proved to be the most ambitious and successful endeavor to date, transforming the project from a stapled-together, 32-page manual to a perfect-bound, full-color book. Thrasher’s How To Build Skateboard Ramps is the only book on skateboard ramp plans you will ever need. Whether you’re building a new ramp, adding on to an existing ramp, or replacing an old ramp, all the info is in here. Packed with 76 pages of color photographs and detailed illustrations that make ramp construction safe and easy, the ramp builder will find: Expert advice for choosing the correct tools and materials.


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