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All part from local Indonesia brand.

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No10061 Used Skateboard Complete Scratch Deck Woyoo Wheels Bangkai Trucks. This complete setup using Scratch skateboard deck, Woyoo skateboard wheels and Bangkai skateboard trucks. All part from local Indonesia brand. This complete skateboard has been bought from SKATESHOP INDONESIA by a girl in Surabaya, Indonesia, but it was used only two times and a month later, she wanted to sell it. Take a look the detail at the photo, all part still in very good condition like new. As bonus, a skatebag from Carcass, have very good condition. So, buy this used skateboard complete and get used skatebag for free.


Shipping Information

Weight 3500 g
Dimensions 90 × 25 × 15 cm

1 review for No10061

  1. mamak kurniawan (verified owner)

    seseuai dengan deskripsinya. worth it lah!

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