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Digital copy of Elephant Brand 2 bandana book by Kazuhiro Hirata that was published by Japanese denim label, Kapital.

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No10037-DX is digital copy of Elephant Brand 2 bandana book by Kazuhiro Hirata. The bandana book published by Kapital. One of the latest offerings from Japanese denim label Kapital is the bandana book. Consisting of 253 bound pages of creative director Kazuhiro Hirata’s personal bandana collection, the publication shows Hirata’s affinity for the classic print, and its ubiquitous presence in the fashion industry. Additionally, the book also provides the history and timeline of the dashing pattern, and the array of iterations and colorways available in the market.

#selitekk 🗣️ I provide this digital copy because many of bandana collector like me have difficulty in obtaining this book, in addition to being sold on a limited basis, also because of the limited number and no longer being produced. Providing this digital copy is actually just a form of my little support to help all of you in collecting bandanas like myself. Hope you like it and if this book is produced again, please buy and I will not provide this digital copy anymore. – amk –

1 review for No10037-DX

  1. thomas j

    bible for vintage bandana collector

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