no10132-used-book-skateboard-roadmap-james-davis-1.47-0 copy
Skate culture is very. anti-establishment and the right to skate is seen as fundamental to personal freedom.
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no10133-used-book-how-to-build-skateboard-ramps-thrasher-4.74-0 copy
Thrasher presents how to build skateboard ramps, halfpipes, boxes, bowls and more.
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no10134-used-book-made-for-skate-the-illustrated-history-of-skateboard-footwear-14.74-0 copy
Made for Skate tells the story of skateboard footwear as seen through the eyes of those who lived it.
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no10022-new-old-stock-sticker-sheet-enddustries-skateboarding-co-brands-xxxsheets-1.47-1 copy
Stickers sheet size A4 contain stickers logo of all brand owned by ENDDUSTRIES Skateboarding Co.
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Sticker Sheets
Stiker lembaran. ENDDUSTRIES Good Stuff sticker sheets berukuran A4 berisi 10 macam sticker.
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no10122-used-book-skateboard-retrospective-a-collectors-guide-rhyn-roll-14.74-0 copy
This book is a required reference for skateboarders, past and present, an excellent resource for collectors, and a fascinating look at an evolving popular culture!
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no10131-used-book-the-disposable-skateboard-bible-sean-cliver-7.47-0 copy
Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art was beautiful, capturing the essence of the aesthetic, The Disposable Skateboard Bible sets out to be the ultimate guide.
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