no10002-lot-of-one-box-laptop-and-other-electronic-stuff-57.47-0 copy
No10002 Lot Of One Box Laptop And Other Electronic Stuff. This lot contain several broken laptop and any other electronic stuff, include power bank, charger, vape device, mobile wifi device, cell phone, phone case, and many more.
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026-lot-of-a-box-of-old-electronic-stuff-1 copy
Electronic Stuff
Lot Of One Box Electronic Stuff Pre Owned And Unused. This lot contain several electronic stuff. Some stuff still works, some again maybe not work. Sell as is and not sold separately. Please check the photo for detail of all electronic stuff. Ask me any question about the stuff. Sorry, for the mini-dv cassette not included in this lot.
not rated Rp247,400.00 Pick it