Thrifting for equipment and part of house.

no10106-used-book-seni-menata-rumah-ruang-duduk-sonny-sandjaya-0.47-0 copy
An Indonesian book written by Sonny Sandjaya about the art arranges the living room.
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no10124-used-book-serial-rumah-pernik-interior-26-kreasi-kertas-logam-nurul-wulan-sari-0.47-0 copy
A book about interior design made from metal paper. This book written in Indonesian by Nurul Wulan Sari.
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no10024-new-old-stock-talky-pillow-custom-print-you-and-me-is-happy-pillow-7.47-1 copy
Pillow cover made from 100% cotton canvas, very comfortable.
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026-lot-of-a-box-of-old-electronic-stuff-1 copy
Electronic Stuff
Lot Of One Box Electronic Stuff Pre Owned And Unused. This lot contain several electronic stuff. Some stuff still works, some again maybe not work. Sell as is and not sold separately. Please check the photo for detail of all electronic stuff. Ask me any question about the stuff. Sorry, for the mini-dv cassette not included in this lot.
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028-old-rustic-and-new-unused-metal-stuff-0 copy
Scrap Metal Rusted
One sack scrap metal mixed with rusted and new mostly bolts and nuts, the weight aprox. 30kg. I collect all this metal from my warehouse. Includes in this sack is some electronic, motorcycle and machine parts. I'm already separated all non metal material. This sack 100% full of metal. This sack can be shipped via sea freight. I'll try my best to find the cheapest freight to your address. Better if you can come visit me and pick this sack of scrap metal by yourself. Price listed here exclude the shipping / freight cost.
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