Hello World!

Welcome to ENDHONESA Online Marketplace! Thank’s so much for stopped by on this online marketplace!

The purpose of the creation of this marketplace is;
  • to help buyer outside Indonesia who interest and want to buy any good stuff from Indonesia
  • to help seller in Indonesia who have or found any good stuff in Indonesia and want to sell to foreign buyer

That’s why on this online marketplace buyer can buy and request any good stuff from Indonesia. It’s mean, all buyer don’t need to come to Indonesia to dig it by them self. Also on this online marketplace seller can sell and offering any good stuff they have or found in Indonesia. It’s mean, all seller don’t need to go out Indonesia to reach foreign buyer.

ENDHONESA Online Marketplace is a place that connecting each of you as buyer outside Indonesia and seller in Indonesia.

One thought on “Hello World!

  1. Hi, this is my first comment on this website. I just want to say hi to all visitor, please support this website to help Indonesia seller sustain their life, because this website devoted entirely for smart worldwide buyer for our better life. Thank’s!

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